100MHz 2 Kanal Dijital Osiloskop

100 MHz, 2 Kanal
1GSa/s örnekleme
Dijital Osiloskop
Ekonomik Model

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Fiyat: 460 USD + KDV

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 Product 0verview:

The SDS1000CNL family of oscilloscopes offer a high performance-to-price ratio and give the user good multifunction
features and quality.Equipped with a 7-inch LCD display, the user is able to view a larger portion of the signal under
test. A 1GSa/s sampling rate allows you to examine the
instantaneous signal with confidence. The efficient front panel interface ensures ease of use and interoperability.
SDS1000CML series oscilloscopes include standard functions which make it easier and faster to complete work.
They can analyze signals effectively, greatly improve work efficiency, and provide for ease of use when measuring
complex signals.

Features and Benefits:

*Slim design, compact and easy to carry
*1G Sa/s real time sampling rate,50G Sa/s equivalent sampling rate 
*TFT-LCD 8×18 div color display 
*3 kinds of cursor modes,32 kinds of automation measurements 
*Trigger types:Edge,Pulse,Video,Slope,Alternative 
*6 digits hardware frequency counter, real time counting display 
*Pop-up menu,friendly design 
*2 groups of reference waveform,20 groups of setting,
*10 groups of waveform 
*Independent channel control 
*Standard interfaces:USB Host:support USB storage and FW upgrade
*USB Device:support remote control and PictBridge print
*RS232 and Pass/Fail

Design Features:

8×18 div widescreen                                                                                         

  32 types of auto measurements




Digital Filter                                                                                                              





  Data recorder


Onekey Zoom



Multi interfaces


  EasyScopeX software


Ordering Information:

      SDS1072CNL  70MHz  2 channel   
     SDS1102CNL  100MHz  2 channel
      SDS1202CNL+ 200MHz  2 channel
Standard accessories Warranty Card
  A USB cable
  A QuickStart Guide
  A product qualification certificate
  1:1/10:1 probe(Consistent with the number of channels you bought)
  A power cord designed for the instrument and authorized by local country
  CD(contains EasyScope PC software)
Optional accessories   Isolated channel optional accessories
  SDS1000CNL series oscilloscope portable bag