PicoScope 3205B 100 MHz PC Osiloskop

2 + harici trigger 100 MHz PC Osiloskop

100 MHz PC Osiloskop
2 + harici trigger & AWG
500 MS/s  örnekleme hızı
Rise Time 3,5ns

 Resmi Büyüt

Fiyat: 869 EUR + KDV

Ürün Özellikleri

PicoScope 3205

At Pico we continue to push the limits of USB oscilloscopes. Our new PicoScope 3000 Series offers the highest performance available from any USB–powered oscilloscope on the market today.

  • 2 kanal ve harici trigger

  • 200 MHz bant genişliği

  • 128 MS tampon genişliği

  • 500 MS/s gerçek zamanlı örnekleme

  • 10 GS/s tekrarlı örnekleme

  • 200 MHz spektrum çözümleyici

  • Dahili fonksiyon jeneratörü/AWG

  • USB bağlantı ve güç desteği

Oscilloscopes in the PicoScope 3000 Series all feature a high–speed USB 2.0 interface, together with impressive sampling rates, high bandwidths and a very large buffer memory.

PicoScope computer oscilloscopes simply connect to the USB port on any standard Windows based computer, making full use of your PC’s processing capabilities, large screens and familiar graphical user interfaces. Whether you’re used to traditional benchtop oscilloscopes or modern PC Oscilloscopes the PicoScope 3000 Series offers outstanding performance and ease of use.

High bandwidth AND high sampling rate

With bandwidths ranging from 60 to 200 MHz your PicoScope 3000 Series computer oscilloscope offers bandwidths previously unavailable in this price range.

The high bandwidth is complemented by a market–leading 500 MS/s real–time sampling rate (most USB–powered oscilloscopes have real–time sampling rates of only 100 or 200 MS/s). ETS mode boosts the maximum effective sampling rate further to 10 GS/s, giving you a more detailed display of repetitive signals.

Of course, a high sampling rate is of little use without…

A huge buffer memory

Other oscilloscopes have high maximum sampling rates, but without deep memory they cannot sustain these rates on long timebases.

Oscilloscope in the PicoScope 3000 Series have buffer memories of up to 128 million samples — that’s more than any other oscilloscope in this price range and means that your PicoScope oscilloscope can sample at high rates even on long timebases.

Too much data to handle?

With impressive sampling rates, high bandwidths and large buffer memory you might be wondering how can you possibly handle all the data that your PicoScope oscilloscope provides? Thanks to the power of PicoScope it isn’t a problem: a maximum zoom factor of 100 million combined with our industry–leading zoom controls means you can see every last detail of your waveform with ease. And thanks to our segmented memory the old problem of seeing a glitch on the screen only for it to vanish before you stop the scope is no more — now each captured waveform is stored in the buffer so you can rewind and review 1000s of previous waveforms.

Paket İçeriği


PicoScope kit

  • PicoScope 3200 USB osiloskop

  • 2 x osiloskop probu (x1/x10)

  • Problar için koruyucu çanta

  • USB kablosu

  • Yardım kitapçığı

  • PicoScope osiloskop yazılımı

  • Bedava yazılım güncellemeleri

  • 5 yıl garanti




  • 10,000 waveform buffer, Advanced triggering, Advanced zoom controls, Arbitrary waveform generator

  • Auto–arrange axes, Auto setup, Automated measurements, AWG editor, CMD–line file conversions

  • Continuous streaming mode, Custom probes, Digital persistence mode, Easy data export, Serial decoding

  • Equivalent time sampling, Free updates, Linear interpolation, Mask limit testing, Math functions

  • Rapid trigger mode, Reference waveforms, Resolution enhancement, Signal Generator

  • Sin(x)/x interpolation, Spectrum analyzer mode, XY oscilloscope mode


Teknik Özellikler


Oscilloscope — Vertical


PicoScope 3204A/B

PicoScope 3205A/B

PicoScope 3206A/B

Bandwidth (-3 dB)

60 MHz

100 MHz

200 MHz

Rise time (calculated)

5.8 ns

3.5 ns

1.75 ns

Input channels


Vertical resolution

8 bits

Enhanced vertical resolution

12 bits

DC accuracy

±3% of full scale

Input sensitivity

10 mV/div to 4 V/div (10 vertical divisions)

Input characteristics

1 MΩ ±1% in parallel with 13 pF ±1 pF

Input type

Single–ended, BNC connector

Input coupling

Software selectable AC/DC

Input ranges (full scale)

±50 mV to ±20 V in 9 ranges

Analogue offset range
50 mV to 200 mV ranges
500 mV to 2 V ranges
5 V to 20 V ranges

±250 mV
±2.5 V
±20 V

Overload protection

±100 V (DC + AC peak)

Oscilloscope — Horizontal

Maximum sampling rate (single shot)
1 channel in use
2 channels in use

500 MS/s
250 MS/s

Maximum sampling rate (repetitive signals)

2.5 GS/s

5 GS/s

10 GS/s

Maximum sampling rate
(continuous streaming mode)

1 MS/s using PicoScope
> 10 MS/s using the supplied SDK (PC dependent)

Buffer memory#
A models
B models

4 MS
8 MS

16 MS
32 MS

64 MS
128 MS

Waveform buffer

Up to 10,000 waveforms

Timebase ranges

2 ns/div to 200 s/div

1 ns/div to 200 s/div

500 ps/div to 200 s/div

Timebase accuracy

±50 ppm

Sample jitter

< 5 ps RMS

# Shared between active channels

Dynamic Performance (typical)


Better than 400:1 up to full bandwidth (equal voltage ranges)

Harmonic distortion

< -50 dB at 100 kHz full scale input


52 dB


7.6 bits


180 µV RMS (on most sensitive range)

Pulse response

< 5% overshoot

Bandwidth flatness

(+0.3 dB, -3 dB) at scope input, from DC to full bandwidth


Basic triggers

Auto, repeat, single, none, rapid (segmented memory)

Advanced triggers (Ch A, Ch B)

Edge: rising, falling or dual edge with adjustable hysteresis
Window: signal enters or exits a user–defined voltage range
Pulse width: a negative or positive pulse is wider or narrower than a set width, or inside/outside a range of widths
Window pulse width: signal is inside or outside a voltage range for a set time
Dropout: signal does not cross a voltage threshold for at least a set time
Window dropout: signal does not enter or exit a voltage range for at least a set time
Interval: time between two edges is greater or less than a set time, or inside/outside a time range
Logic: arbitrary logic state of Channels A, B and EXT matches a user–defined pattern
Runt pulse: signal crosses one voltage threshold and returns without crossing the other

Trigger sensitivity (Ch A, Ch B)

Digital triggering provides 1 LSB accuracy up to full bandwidth of oscilloscope

Maximum pre–trigger capture

Up to 100% of capture size

Maximum post–trigger delay

Up to 4 billion samples

Trigger re–arm time

< 2 µs on fastest timebase

Maximum trigger rate

Up to 10,000 waveforms in a 20 ms burst

External Trigger Input

Trigger types

Edge, pulse width, dropout, interval, logic, delayed

Input characteristics

1 MΩ ±1% in parallel with 13 pF ±1 pF

Input type

Front panel BNC connector


60 MHz

100 MHz

200 MHz

Voltage range

±5 V, DC coupled

Overvoltage protection

±100 V (AC + DC peak)

Function Generator (all models)

Standard output signals
All models
B models

Sine, square, triangle, DC voltage
Ramp, sinc, Gaussian, half-sine, white noise, PRBS

Standard signal frequency

DC to 1 MHz

Output frequency accuracy

±50 ppm

Output frequency resolution

< 0.01 Hz

Output voltage range

±2 V with ±1% DC accuracy

Amplitude flatness

< 0.5 dB to 1 MHz, typical


> 60 dB, 10 kHz full scale sine wave

Connector type

Front panel BNC with 600 Ω output impedance

Overvoltage protection

±10 V

Sweep modes

Up, down, dual with selectable start/stop frequencies and increments

Arbitrary Waveform Generator (B models only)

Update rate

20 MHz

Buffer size

8 kS

8 kS

16 kS


12 bits (output step size approximately 1 mV)


> 1 MHz

Rise time (10 to 90%)

< 100 ns

Spectrum Analyser

Frequency range

DC to 60 MHz

DC to 100 MHz

DC to 200 MHz

Display modes

Magnitude, peak hold, average

Window types

Rectangular, Gaussian, triangular, Blackman, Blackman–Harris, Hamming, Hann, flat–top

Number of FFT points

Selectable from 128 to 1 million in powers of 2

PC Requirements


Processor: Pentium II processor, or equivalent
Memory: 64 MiB (XP) / 512 MiB (Vista) / 1 GiB (Win 7)
Operating system: 32– or 64–bit edition of Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Vista or Windows 7
Ports: USB 2.0 compliant port


Processor: 2 GHz Pentium IV processor, or equivalent
Memory: 256 MiB (XP) / 1 GiB (Vista / Win 7)
Operating system: 32– or 64–bit edition of Microsoft Windows XP SP2 (or above), Vista or Windows 7
Ports: USB 2.0 compliant port


Operating environment
Temperature range

0 °C to 50 °C (20 °C to 30 °C for quoted accuracy)

Physical Properties

Dimensions (including connectors)

200 x 140 x 40 mm (approximately 7.9 x 5.5 x 1.6 in)


< 0.5 kg (approximately < 1.1 lb)


PicoScope 6 for Windows

PicoScope 6 is your complete test and measurement lab in one application. Features include:
Capture modes: oscilloscope, spectrum and persistence.
Channel maths: calculate the sum, difference, product, inverse or create your own custom function using standard arithmetic, exponential and trigonometric functions.
Mask limiting testing: pass/fail, failure count, total count.
Serial Decoding: decode data from a serial bus such as I²C.
Automated measurements
Scope mode: AC RMS, true RMS, cycle time, DC average, duty cycle, falling rate, fall time, frequency, high pulse width, low pulse width, maximum, minimum, peak–to–peak, rise time and rising rate.
Spectrum mode: frequency at peak, amplitude at peak, average amplitude at peak, total power, total harmonic distortion (THD % and THD dB), total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N), spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR), signal+noise+distortion to signal+noise ratio (SINAD), signal to noise ratio (SNR) and intermodulation distortion (IMD).
Export data formats: comma separated values (CSV), tab delimited (TXT), windows bitmap (BMP), graphics interchange format (GIF), portable network graphics (PNG), MATLAB 4 format (MAT).
Full details for PicoScope 6

Linux drivers

32–bit drivers

Software development kit

Includes drivers and example code for various programming languages including C, Excel and LabVIEW. Download SDK

Language Support

PicoScope 6

Full support for: English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español
Menus and dialogs only for: 中文 (简体), 中文 (繁體), Čeština, Dansk, suomi, Ελληνικά, Magyar, 한국어, 日本語, Norsk, Polski, Português, română, Русский, Svenska, Türkçe

User’s guide
Programmer’s guide
Quick Start Guide

English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español, 中文
English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español


Data sheet

English, 中文 (简体), Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano

Additional hardware (supplied)

  • 2 x oscilloscope probes in probe case

  • USB 2.0 cable

  • User manuals

  • Software CD–ROM

PC interface

USB 2.0

Power requirements

Powered from USB port


European EMC and LVD standards
FCC Rules Part 15 Class A
RoHS compliant

Total Satisfaction Guarantee

In the event that this product does not fully meet your requirements you can return it for an exchange or refund. To claim, the product must be returned in good condition within 14 days.


5 years